UV Sterilizer HVAC ICR Series



High-output ICR Series fixtures from American Ultraviolet are designed specifically for HVAC airstream disinfection applications. They are ideal for large air handling systems in commercial, industrial, health-care and institutional buildings. These ready to install framed structures can be easily mounted in duct systems and on coils to provide the desired airstream disinfection to protect personnel from unwanted bacteria, viruses or fungi travelling in the airstream.

ICR Series fixtures not only decontaminate air, but they also use UVC cleansing energy to remove bio-films from cooling coils and drain pans. The ICR Series can be mounted within minutes to plenum walls, or to frame assemblies that span supply ducts and/or cooling coils. These fixtures are offered in various lamp configurations and come standard in five different widths (18, 24, 36, 48, & 60). Frames can be mounted side by side, or stacked vertically to cover the entire plenum or coil.


  • Reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi with one pass through ICR
  • Each system is custom sized to individual duct and desired microbial reduction rate at no additional charge; reduction rates up to 99.9 % (dependent upon microbe)
  • Installs in minutes; comes with ready assembled frame structure that easily attaches to plenum  wall
  • Installation down-stream offers removal or prevention of bio-film build-ups on cooling coil; and  restores coil back to optimum heat transfer properties
  • Green” lamps contain ≤ 8mg of Mercury
  • Exclusive 2-year (17,000 hours) guarantee on high output lamp life
  • No maintenance required, other than changing lamps every 2 years